Our mission is to further usable knowledge of social and political phenomena through computational innovations.

Our core activities include developing modules, courses, summer schools, masterclasses, seminars, and workshops for beginners and advanced researchers; disseminating state-of-the-art methods and models in Computational Social Science and Computational Institutional Analysis; establishing new partnerships and accelerating initiatives in these fields.

In short, the CMD Hub is for attracting and nourishing a new generation of eclectic data scientists.

The Ecosystem


The MA curriculum in Data Analytics for Politics, Society, and Complex Organizations for a new generation of social and political data scientists in Public and Corporate Communication.


The research and training lab that integrates experimental and computational research to examine the emergence of large-scale, complex social patterns from agent interaction.


The research and training lab that produces and circulates algorithmic innovation for applying Machine Learning to texts within causal designs.


Research and training project for merging design- and model-based strategies to establish and explore the effects of rules on social interactions and policy performance.


Computational PhD

Ph.D. scholarships in Computational SPS

The Department of Social and Political Sciences (SPS) establishes 1 scholarship in Computational Political Science and 2 scholarships in Computational Social Science, thanks to its Departments of Excellence award and...

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